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Can't get talking menus to work


I am using a JBR20 (v1), and I'm using the current (11/24/04) daily build...I have the voice menus enabled...I have the default english.voice file in my .rockbox\langs directory, but I just don't get any voices.

I reset the settings back to the defaults, and I'm still not getting any talking menus.

After fiddling with it for a few minutes, I have discover that if I reset the settings and THEN load a custom .cfg file, I get talking menus.  But if I reboot the 'box, the talking menus don't come back.

I'm getting very confused...any tips would be appreciated.


In order  for the voices to work, there must be sufficient space in memory to load the voice file. Memory can be eaten up by setting the maximum number of files in a playlist or in a folder to a large value (RAM is reserved to accomodate the "worst" case). It sounds like something in your settings might be pushing you over that threshold, and your resets get it back below that value.

Thanks, Brian.  That gave me the info I needed.  I was misinterpreting what the "Max Files in Dir Browser" did.  Setting that back to 400 did the trick.  I was a bit fuzzy on how that worked, and I had it maxed out in my settings.

Now, on to getting the folder names to be spoken!

If you're not picky about the voice and can handle the MS synthetic voices, you can have the voiceBox script do it for you. Just look at the Voice HowTo in the wiki.

The VoiceBox script did the trick nicely, thanks for your help!


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