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WPS BMP loading changed

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If you use BMPs in your WPS, you might be interested in that the change I previously mailed about has now been committed:

A stroke of genius..... watch your WPS files shrink!... and how tidy! :D

how does this change the pre/loading of images?

eg. from examplewps.wps:

--- Code: ---%x|a|image.bmp|0|0
--- End code ---

would this load from the following filepath?

--- Code: ---/.rockbox/wps/examplewps/image.bmp
--- End code ---

The wps e.g. example.wps should be placed in /.rockbox/WPS, and all bmps used in it in /.rockbox/WPS/example

In the actual WPS, the bmps should be loaded with


and the wps will automatically look in the subdirectory with the same name as it.


How about also putting CFG in with the WPS files, specifying just the font and other WPS info.


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