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Meaningful status for file copy/move

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It would be nice see progress bar with numerical percentage, file count etc.

Currently we only see "Copying...". Considering new devices with SD slots there is clearly a need to copy/move MBs of data. On my Sansa copying 600MB from main memory to SD takes more than 10 minutes. Status/progress bar would be very appreciated!

You are aware a status bar won't actually make it finish any sooner, right? :)

Wow, looks like I should add RB to my "humor" folder :-)

Having status bar would help to estimate if I have time for one cup of coffer or two :-). Also, have you noticed that watching status bar progressing makes wait more tolerable and feels shorter?

BTW, waht's better - to discuss this kind of stuff here or submit Feature Request? Or both?

You can't submit a feature request, that's why this forum is here.

I personally find "doing something else while it copies" makes most waits feel shorter while staring at the screen, whether it's a progress bar or an idle animation, does the opposite.

With me, progress bars make the wait seem shorter, though other measures (clocks) make it seem longer.  ???

I'm wondering whether a "cancel" feature is appropriate.  It's a pretty standard feature for file copying, but the only use case I can see for it on Rockbox is if you're copying huge files and the battery is about to die, so you cancel to avoid filesystem corruption.  I'm not sure if that even would actually cause filesystem corruption as I'm not sure how the FAT filesystem or driver work.

Apologies for hijacking the thread, I just didn't think it warranted it's own thread.


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