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Rockbox port to any CURRENTLY sold players?

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Iriver only sells H10 series now.  The IPOD port is not interesting to me, as IPOD has a proprietary interface and doesn't support UMS-- I want an MP3 player that shows up as a simple HDD to any machine, so you can drag and drop music in and out of it.  Is Rockbox officially Manufacture Discontinued software?  Any inkling of porting it to a currently sold device?


The problem is that a Rockbox port takes time, and when the port is done, the manufacturer has already stopped manufacturing the player in question.

The iPod port will work as a UMS device, just like the other Rockbox players.


--- Quote from: starmanj on November 10, 2005, 08:43:45 PM ---IPOD has a proprietary interface and doesn't support UMS

--- End quote ---

iPod has UMS and once Rockbox runs on it, it'll be the Rockbox interface on it.

But sure, feel free to get Rockbox ported to a more current player. I'm sure there won't be many people who object!

I'm still waiting for a hardware manufacturer to wake up and realise that they can get a super-functional player dirt cheap if they design their hardware with Rockbox in mind.  Whether it will happen, I don't know, but I live in hope.

Wait-- this is really big news.  Are you saying that with Rockbox, you won't need ANY client software to upload or download music from the IPOD?? So with XP or Linux, you can plug in an IPOD into the USB port, and you see ordinary folders storing your music, just like the Archos?

Hot dang, if that's true, I might break down and buy one!



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