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"Show Track Info" to display music format (mp3, flac, etc)


You can figure this out by checking the file extension under 'Path', but it takes so long to scroll if the path is long, it would be nice if it had its own entry.  Or maybe 'Bitrate' could be changed to 'Format/Bitrate' (WMA - 128 kbps for example).

There are tags to the WPS theme that provide this information:


You can use one of the themes that already shows this info, or adjust the one you use to show the info.

Ben  8)

I know, but I added big album art to my WPS, and I don't have room for all the other stuff any more.  I was just surprised not to find the format under "Show Track Info."

I kinda like that idea and need to admit that I missed that info in the "Show track info" dialog a couple of times myself. I'd also like to see which type the metadata is (i.e. id3v1, id3v2, vorbis comment, etc. -- the wps has a tag to show the id3 version but IMO this isn't suited anymore with the number of codecs supported right now).

Funny, I too have bee surprised to not find the filetype in a particular screen, but not in "show track info". Instead I miss it in "properties". (long press in file view)


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