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Alternate AA Image (show 2 cover sizes, backcover, inlays, etc)


The idea of this feature would be to give more flexibility to the use of album art images, by making possible to handle two different images simultaneously; in that way, it would be possible to pre-load and then display according to the WPS design and creativity:

- Two different sizes of album art, and use say a 100x100 in the normal WPS, and a 200x200 AA when using the lock button (conditional viewports would even allow alternating AA images/information distribution under quite a number of circumstances)

- Simultaneosly to the front cover, it would be possible to display back covers, single covers, inlays, band pictures...)

- If extended to the "next track" as the second image loaded, it would make possible to display a bigger now-playing album art image, and say a smaller next-track album art image.


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