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.cfg files in playlists

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We had a discussion a while back here:

However, discussion ranged over a few things and seemed a little disjointed so I decided to start a new topic here.  The most useful idea to come out of that discussion seemed to be configuration settings associated with playback of a given file or folder. 

--- Quote from: soap on June 05, 2008, 04:10:27 PM ---How about a combination of the two discussed ideas?
.cfg files in playlists automatically loaded in an identical search pattern to album-art, or manually inserted?

--- End quote ---

I think this would be useful, for instance, to turn on crossfeed for certain albums that have been recorded with instruments hard-panned. 

I am fully supporting this idea. Another example: configure creating of bookmarks for directories with podcasts.
I will attempt to express myself more clearly. Another example of local configuration files usage: configure automatic creation of bookmarks for directories with podcasts.


How would .cfg files in playlists create bookmarks?

A few suggestions regarding configuration files:

1. Have a concept of "local" CFG files. Any directory having it's CFG file will use it overriding current settings. If dirrectory doesn't have CFG we are back to default config.cfg

The main reason - I would like some direrctories to play random. Of cause this concept can be use for something else as well.

2. On save configuration provide an option to save DIFF values only, e.g. variation from default. Proabbly Volume should not be saved at all.

3. Have separate CFG file for battery charge mode. This way we won't have to toggle CFGs between car and headphone operation.


I think he means that the cfg file for a particular directory could have an option such that whilst bookmarks are normally not created on stop, if playing back a file from this directory a bookmark would automatically be created on stop.


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