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Include the option for a default custom "nocover.bmp" for missing album art.

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You can always place your own generic cover.bmp image in the root of your music collection to accomplish this.

Soap's solution is documented here:

An advantage of this over including the 'no artwork found' image into the WPS background is that you only have to add one file, rather than modify the background of every WPS you use.

EDIT: I can't get this to work with my folder structure, which is a Music folder in the root, then Artist folders, with Album folders below that. I have to put the 'dummy' cover.bmp file in the Artist folder to get it to work (case 6 in the examples in the Wiki link I refer to above).

It appears there would need to be a case 7 : ../../cover.bmp for it to work in my case.

Yes, I guess I did assume one's file structure was only one layer deep.
(Such as mine has been ever since iPod scrollwheel acceleration came into being.)

I had a look at the source but couldn't find where the album art paths are checked. If anyone can point me at the file I'd have a look at how hard it would be to either check another layer up, or maybe adding something like looking in .rockbox for a default cover.bmp.

You can do it as a conditional %?<C| Album art True| Album art false>

Use album art true for album art Picture and album art false For no album art picture


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