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Include the option for a default custom "nocover.bmp" for missing album art.

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I realize this is really really low on the list of priorities, but I was wondering if it would be possible to include a 7th "priority" for Rockbox's album cover search.  Just to make Rockbox fish into a specific folder (like /.rockbox/albumart) for a specific filename (like nocover.bmp) and display that instead of shifting the text or revealing part of the wallpaper.

Useless, I know, but fun.  I use a specific graphic that makes me smile whenever a local demo or something equally unadorned shows up, but I have to save that same image as "cover.bmp" in every folder.  It would be nice to just have Rockbox grab it from the single location each time it can't find a proper cover.

I couldn't figure out how to do this with wps tags--if it's possible through conditionals and I missed the tags, then just tell me I'm dumb.  But I really did look before posting!!  :-[

completely useless. just make the image part of your wps backdrop.

The themes that shift the text over when art isn't present were written that way because that's what the theme authors wanted them to do.  That being said, if you wanted to stop that from happening so you could add the no-cover image to the WPS background and not have it overdrawn by text, you could edit the WPS file to remove the conditionals (%?C<> most likely, and fix the viewport definitions appropriately) that change the layout when no art is found.

I didn't quite catch that until after I had made the post...  I need to stop skimming things so quickly...

I'll see if I can use conditionals to display the preloaded image when none is found.

Right now I'm using Ben Zavala's Fullscreen (no text shifting), and while I really like the background that displays under the album art, I'd rather use a dumb little photo that actually states "No Cover" (it doesn't take much to make me laugh).  A graphic like that won't work as a background, though.

Thanks everyone for taking seriously my dumb little idea.


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