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MajiKool Dragonâ„¢:
i think it would definitely be a good idea to give rockboy its own backlight timeout setting.
i say this because i like to in general keep my backlight time out low to save battery life, but when i'm playing gameboy games it can really get annoying when the back light timesout when i'm in the middle of reading whats on the screen.
Also... i think there should be a setting in rock boy like there is for the system where you can set the first button press to activate the backlight...

For a plugin, both of those would be have to be in the plugin itself, and set via it's own menu. For plugins, probably the best way to progress the feature is to discover and then contact the original developer (or most active recent contributor) and ask them. By their nature, plugins probably only ever have one or two people who know how they work.

Alternatively, set up two single-entry config files with your preferred Rockboy and default backlight settings and select the one you want to use.

blingcash: Don't cross post. I've just removed your other post in the General Discussion forum which was about this very same thing.


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