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MERGED: Requests to boot the original firmware by default.


As I hav said in the Subject

Pls include an optin in the Rockbox utilty instller to decide wat firmware to use as primary

kindly dont answer that perssing<< will take to sansa firmware.


This is Rockbox. We are not interested in the OF, and thus have no interest in starting the OF first. Additionally, this has nothing to do with Rockbox Utility -- it's the bootloader, and to reverse the boot order you need to modify the bootloader. There won't be an official bootloader doing this -- do it yourself or check for an unsupported bootloader with that feature.

Thread locked as this is a nodo.

I'm wondering if it's possible to set the "old" interface as the default and have rockbox boot when you hold the toggle button when you power on.
If not, it should be available, for a few reasons: I like the original interface, I only use RockBox for extra functionality, and I'd like for some of the media to only be accesible in what would appear to other people as a "hacker mode"

This is not possible with the official boot loader.  You need to install a custom boot loader (search the forums for "reverse boot loader").

This has been asked to be included by default many times, and refused just as many.  The devs use Rockbox, so they set Rockbox as the default.

That and Rockbox is designed with the intent to be a replacement firmware, not a utility program. Dual Boot is more of a safety precaution in case Rockbox isn't working for some reason.


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