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in Rockbox V2.2  there was the bass boost feature, replaced by MDB setting plus super bass in V2.3.  I was feeling fine in V2.2 with 60% bass boost for my car, 70% for my headphones and 0% for my stereo. 
But what MDB settings in V2.3 have the same results as the x% in V2.2? (I am searching for right settings since V2.3 was delivered) Are there any diagramms, mapping-tables or formulars to calculate the x % to the MDB settings?


Rockbox is great! Thanks to all developers!

Explanation of the MDB settings:

IIRC, to get the same sound as in 2.2, use the default MDB settings and adjust the Strength setting. 60% of 127dB is about 76dB.

thanks, that's for me the right base for fine tuning the sound!


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