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As many of you may know, at the recent Developer's Conference we decided to make a strong push to finally get a release version 3.0 of Rockbox out the door.

To this end, we will probably be making many tough decisions about whether or not some players are at a level of working functionality good enough to consider a "Release" version, and whether or not some features are reliable enough to be included in the version. These decisions will be decided by the developers, and will not be subject to voting. What I'm asking for here is merely any opinions: Do you, as the users, have any strong opinions on what players that you have personally used have significant problems big enough that you personally would not be comfortable with a build of Rockbox having a 3.0 release for it.

Here are some specific things to be aware of: This is NOT for highlighting bugs you think need to be fixed before the release. The release is going to happen. Any bug you mention here, you should assume it will not be fixed by the release, and be pointing it out because you personally think it's major enough to prevent a release for the player you own. The bug must occur in the current build and have a flyspray number.

When responding to this post, list the players you think are unsuitable for release, and the specific flyspray number for the bug. Do not bother describing the bug, if the flyspray description in insufficient add a comment there.

Also, the same applies to RBUtil: We would like to have a release version of this to go with the release of the software. In the case of it, list flyspray numbers of significant problems you feel should prevent it from already being considered a release version. That means major bugs folks.

Also, we are aware that accessibility features in RBUtil are not up to par, and wish to apologize but it's unlikely there will be any drastic improvement in the GUI version before the release in terms of the accessibility of RBUtil itself (voice /talk generation, on the other hand is something we want badly to work).

Please, JUST follow the directions in the original post. "Features not done yet" are an entirely different topic, I ONLY asked for BUGS WITH FLYSPRAY ENTRIES. I'm trying to gather very specific information here, not general opinions about the release.

Please keep this thread on topic.
Thank you for your time.

just thought i would post this here to as it's a update on this thread pretty much... .

but basically on Aug 15th they said this...

"We hope to have a release version 3.0 out within a couple (as in two)
weeks. If you have any specific questions relating to the release,
please reply to this thread. At the moment we're still discussing one or
two targets but, generally, nearly all of the targets that have builds
on the daily build page should be included in this release."

This bug stands out rather heavily to me.

FS# 7967

more info...

any updates on the v3.0 release?

early September release or does it look like a late Sep release? (originally was supposed to be late Aug, right?)


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