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The use case: I tend to travel around lightweighted without my notebook on my back; whenever possible I use my DAP (iRiver H320) as a file carrier. Sensible data like business data & address files I take with me in a password protected zip archive. I can recall several occasions in which I missed the possibility to look at that data on my DAP. I don't speak about the possibility to view Powerpoint presentations, Excel or Word documents. It would be a great help if I could just use the viewer applications that are currently available; i.e. JPEG and especially the TEXT viewer.

This is how I could imagine a Rockbox UNZIPPER  to work:
- The user opens a ZIP file with an associated UNZIP plugin in the file menu
- If the ZIP file is password-protected then the UNZIP plugin calls the TEXT editor for password entry
- If the check is ok and there is enough space then the UNZIP plugin deflates the archive in a TEMP directory and jumps into that directory
Now the user can view the files if there are viewer applications available for them.
It's in the responsibility of the user to tidy up the TEMP directory afterwards.

MajiKool Dragonâ„¢:
i would find this very useful as well. As i also protect many files by zipping them encrypted,
and i also use my sansa e200 as a vessel for carrying my protected files with me.

Not quite what you want but do you know this is now a plugin

10.4.7.  Keybox
Keybox is an encrypted password storage using the “Tiny Encryption Algorithm” with a key derived using md5.

Using Keybox
To get started, start up the plugin and select Enter Keybox. The first time you enter Keybox you will be prompted for a master password and for confirmation of the master password. The master password is the password that you must use to access your stored passwords.

Once inside, enter the context menu by pressing Long Select. From the context menu you can create new entries, delete entries and edit entries. Each entry has a “title”, a “user name” and a “password”.

Selecting Reset Keybox from the main menu will delete the current list of passwords and a new, empty list will be created the next time you select Enter Keybox after prompting for a new master password. Entries are automatically saved when the plugin is exited.

Unfortunately, Keybox is not what the OP is looking for...


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