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Conditional pitch display in wps


i tried using the pitch tag as a conditional but it did not work.

I want to have it like the volume tag:

%?pv<1|2|3|4|5|6|42> (you know how volume display works...)
%?Sp<pitch low|pitch high> (this always displays "pitch low" on the screen)

and it must also be usable with images.
As this already works for volume, i don't think it will be that hard to implement, will it?

In your example
%?Sp<pitch low|pitch high>
which condition should be true in the case of neutral pitch?

sorry, i didn't mean that as in true/false but as an enumeration. just like volume.
%?Sp<full octave down|semi octave down|quarter ocatve down|normal|quarter ocatve up|semi octave up|full octave up> So enum starts at pitch 50% and goes up to 200%. i don't know if the corresponding octaves i've given are right but it's just to clarify what i want.
but being able to use images is more important.
PS using this%?Sp as an enumeration only displayed the first entry of the enumeration list, that's why i only posted two options in the first post.


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