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resume on jukebox 6000


Having upgraded to the lastest Rockbox version I can't get the resume function to work as it did before. ???
I can only resume by going to directory and pressing play.
It used to resume on startup.

Under the playback options for resume I only get the options yes or no, not as in manual.

Can any one help with my problem ;D

When starting up in the dir brower, press on.

The present yes/no alternative means if it should restore playback automatically or not.

Thanks for your reply

but Sorry I don't understand

Do you mean when I turn on the Archos and can see the directory list, press the On button?
If so this has no affect.

Also the Playback options for resume are always reset to No when the Archos is powered off and on?

To resume playback, press ON after starting the jukebox.

The "resume on startup" option only controls the *automatic* resume. You can always resume manually by pressing ON in the file browser.

Also, to make sure that the settings are correctly saved and that the resume point is accurate, always turn off the jukebox from the menu, and not by holding the STOP button.


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