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Jukebox Studio 20 panic ata -11


hello :)

1. sorry for my bad english

2. i have a big problem with my archos jukebox studio 20.

every time when i plug in the ac adapter when the jukebox is off, the jukebox starts but bring this error message: "*panic* ata: -11"

if i remove the ac and press ON it starts an i can plug in the ac....

for regluar use this would not be a problem for me... but i want use it in my car... in the trunk. so when i turn on my ignition it always would hang on because this error...

i also test an other HDD... but its the same
and i resolder the batterie contacts.

could someone help me please?

greetings hige

Well, I will help You - I've send You a PM.
That is'nt a hardwareproblem!
Not spend to much time for that, please.

Thats a Bug in current build - sorry - its true.

The people on Rockbox DevCon 2008 have spoken about this.
But - Nobody will say to me: " no Problem, in the next build it will be changed"
I think, our AJB's are to old ( 8-9 years?) for perfect suport. :-(

BTW: Player would correct charge, if You touch the (-) Buttom and put in the Charger with current builds

(and also sorry for my bad english)

freundliche Grüße aus dem Black Forest

I'm happy to help you ;-)....fine, it works now

Reports of this become more frequent in the forums, so I think there could be a bug but: it doesn't seem to always hit as one developer, I know of, doesn't experience it at all and... if I remember correctly, doldi said in a different thread that he only sees it on 2 of his 4 Recorders.

The bug report in FS#7960 seems to describe this problem. Please add your comments and also add more information to it, like the revision of the Rockbox build you are running. (If you are able to compile yourself it would also be very helpfull to try and track down the change that caused it.)

i have this Problem myself on all AJB - Rec.- and Players
(tested on all AJB after Problem have seen on player)

My comment is added on FS#7960



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