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I was thinking... I like how some devices with their original firmware, can display multiple screens in their Now Playing screen...  for example, the iPod: you press the center button and it gives you a 2nd screen with Big Album Art only; press again and it display song rating info, etc.

I was thinking, now that we have viewports working, this could be implemented... I know, right now, center button brings the context menu but maybe we can think of another combination of keys or something....

Just a thought...


2 possibilities:

- Use the hold switch.

- Have it change screens every X number of seconds.  I believe this is possible with the alternating sublines commands.  Untested.  If it doesn't work I came up with a hack for this before the conditional viewports code was put in - see the Plain & Simple Full Screen AA theme for the nano.

I wouldnt be against adding a new tag for "screen" which would change with a button press so this could happen. you would still be limited by the bmp size you could load...

It's a good idea. Plus it would be nice to have a screen tag. It would make some themes less clustered with info.

Every 5 seconds screen alternates between current track info, a 100 x 100 centred image, and next track info

You can already do that much. Alternating sublines.


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