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I'd have to say, if a new video codec IS going to be added, I'd prefer to encourage someone to do MPEG4/ASP rather than Theora. Theora's quality has never seemed great, and there's just not a lot of enthusiasm for it. In terms of open codecs, Snow is a lot more interesting but it's more or less a given that it's not gonna run on our hardware.

MPEG4/ASP (DivX, XViD, and probably other various implementation-specific names as well) is often implemented by OF manufacturers (including the H300 and I believe the iPod Video which supports it alongside H.264) so it would allow us some limited support of videos for the original firmwares as well.

And while Theora's under a very, very open license, there's at least two FOSS MPEG4/ASP implementations available to pull code from as a starting point as well.

The main point with Theora is, I'm just not sure anyone will ever use it. More stuff already converts to MPEG2 anyway.

If we're talking about implementing a more flexible video playback engine with pluggable codecs, I don't really see what difference it makes which codecs get implemented. Just my 2 cents.

I'm just sayin', if someone is interested in implementing "a new video codec" but doesn't care too much which one they do, I'd personally advocate a different one.

Here is a link to the source code for the VLC media player. Not sure what it's written in (I'm on a Windows PC at the moment so I can't check), but I thought it might be interesting.


EDIT: Aha. There is indeed, a Vorbis.c and a Theora.c file under /modules in the tarball. However, Theora.c wants to include

--- Code: ---#include <vlc/vlc.h>
#include <vlc/decoder.h>
#include <vlc/input.h>
#include <vlc/sout.h>

#include <ogg/ogg.h>

#include <theora/theora.h>
--- End code ---
those files. So I'm under the impression that to use these files (as an example) would require a TON of editing.......

EDIT 2: I really am an idiot. Just ignore everything I've said.

VLC is mostly just using ffmpeg, which is where half our codecs come from anyway.  Its not a big deal that they include other files, thats actually pretty normal for codecs and isn't all that difficult to deal with.

If we were to add a new codec to mpegplayer, it'd be pretty easy to grab it out off ffmpeg.  The hard part would be fitting it into mpegplayer I think.


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