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Again, what functionality does this offer that simply making the sleep timer accept a number of songs, and have an option to stop, wouldn't have?


The tagnavi_custom.config file would be a one time setup, and each time you want to listen your songs at random, it'd be as simple as selecting an option from the Database menu items.

And it would make the feature dependent on the database, and completely useless for people who won't or can't use it.

Meanwhile, you can reproduce it globally, and more flexibly, with the other method.

how about making it a context only feature so that when a folder is long selected, under the Playlist option there's another option to 'Create Random' and then to choose a number of files to include?

I think that the point that Llorean has already made repeatedly, and which you haven't really addressed, is that you can already do this by using the "INSERT SHUFFLED" function.  The only functionality that would need to be added is the ability to stop after X number of songs, which could be addressed through the sleep timer.


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