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I was thinking of a time when I didn't want to choose anything and instead would like to hear 20 (for instance) random tracks. In practical terms maybe an option on the playlist menu to create a random playlist of x number of tracks selected from all files and folders or from specified folders

You just repeated what you originally asked for. Again, how would that be any different?

ok imagine you have 5000 music tracks on your mp3player and you don't know what you want to listen to. so you 'ask' rockbox to choose 10, 20, 500 whatever, 'random' tunes and play them. (it's not a feature of rockbox currently. it's just a suggestion not a 'demand'. i can appreciate you people have better things to do than respond to, reply to or even think about lame ideas like mine)

Yes, but you've still not answered my question about how you'd show this in the interface ?

And I asked "what's the difference between saying 'choose 50 random songs' and 'randomize all the songs I want you to choose from, then play the first 50'"?


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