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I'd like to be able to generate a 'random' playlist of a set number of files from a set number of directories.

Sorry, I must not be understanding this request very well - what feature is missing from Rockbox which is currently preventing you from doing this?

I'd do it by adding the folders I want to include to a playlist, and then shuffling it...

I have a fairly large number of music files on my player (18,000 +), arranged in folders from A to Z. What I was suggesting was a feature whereby one could add/make a playlist of say 200 tracks, selected at 'random' from all folders

Well can you explain how you'd make this feature work (from an interface point of view, I'm not asking you to implement it in code!) differently from how I suggested ?

How would this be any different from shuffling all the "possible" songs, then simply having a sleep time stop playback after the right time/number?


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