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a simple port of SBaGen would be great. SBaGen has very great Binuaral Beats and it is already ported to ipod linux. The source is included and it is a very simple program.

AFAIK a dev (forgot his name) has been working on porting SBaGen to Rockbox, search the logs for it (or was it in #rockbox-community?).

Also markun told me once he's interested in making something like this for Rockbox.

Reminds me in this talk by Mitch on the brain machine. Really woth a look: -- cool :D

I wouldn't call myself a dev until I've actually contributed something to RB. I'll try to get to serious work on porting sbagen this week or next. The major issues will probably be writing GUI for RB to display the status, and adapting things (sound output and time, mostly) to the RB plugin API. I talked with some of the devs, and it looks like a viewer plugin is a more reasonable target than a codec, mainly because some sbagen scripts won't have a limited play duration.

The main reason for wanting a sbagen port, rather than files, is that they can take up rather a lot of space that way. I'm not confident that the the "spinning" pink noise effect survives lossy compression, and lossless compression of noisy sources is very inefficient. Even using lossy compression, the files can easily be tens to thousands of times larger than the script that generated them.


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