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How about a feature that generates these "brainwave-generator"-sounds?

Like this app:

and this:

I dont know if I believes all they say, but they are quite cool to listen at.

Would be nice to have a MP3-spelare that could generate such sounds. The configfiles for each soundprogram is quite small with lists in textformat of frequences or something like that. There are quite expensive mindmachines that do just the same thing...

what the hell is brain wave therapy??? I'm all for trying stuff but this smacks of nonsense


--- Quote from: Zardoz on July 06, 2008, 09:10:11 PM ---what the hell is brain wave therapy??? I'm all for trying stuff but this smacks of nonsense

--- End quote ---

There is quite much to read about it on the net.

In short, there is a way to stimilate the brain and trigger some functions in the central nervous system by using sounds with a frequency similar to the brain waves.  For exemple, usning sound of same frequency that the brain has when we are tired could be used to make one tired as a solution to sleeping problemes. (very simplyfied)

It is far away from being a respected science but there are some studies on it that indicates that it could work. Also, people are paying lots of money for "Mindmachines" that stores several presets of sound for diffrent mood and ever altered states like taking a drug or a shortcut to reaching states of meditation.

Maybe it works, maybe not. But it is something that lots of ppl are intressted in and generating this sound is really simple for some who knows programing, just letting a soundchip generate some frequences that changes thru time. Like sinuxwave, squarewave etc.

I am sure there would be a great interest in developing presets if people got get a mindmachine for free in a MP3-player.

Would be great to hear some commants about this from a developer here...

Here is a company that sells these mind machines. It costs $150-$300 depending on model, and it is not advanced at all. A few MBs of flash and a simple soundchip.

Can't you just use of these PC programs to create music files, then play them on Rockbox?

Well let me know if you find something. I have tinnitus in my left ear. No hearing loss or apparent damage but a low pitched, sensational 'hiss' there all the time - threatens to make me insane. Anyway all of this has nothing to do with rockbox haha.


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