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Player ATA-11 Error on Charging with current builds


Hi, i've some Probs.
Two of my 4 Players ( Restoring  ;D) shows ATA-11 Error on Display - only if charging.

taste [-] and put the charger in will work!  :-\

Flashing an older Build like from 16.11.2007 i have no Error and it will works fine.

I'm a little confused now - whats the Reason?

The next question:

Why now we have no Charging on Display on the Archos Recorders with newer Builds?

P.S.: Rockbox 2.5.1 will also work on all my Players and Recorders
("ich habe nach folgenden Stichworten gegoogelt, aber nichts wirklich  Hilfreiches gefunden"  -> ata:-11 means normaly a broken minus point on chassis or a defekt HardDisk, i think)

Greetings from Germany



--- Quote from: doldi on July 04, 2008, 12:51:41 PM ---Why now we have no Charging on Display on the Archos Recorders with newer Builds?
--- End quote ---

There was a bug in the current builds but was fixed on Sunday (July 6th, revision 17955). If you try a newer one it should work as you are used to.

About your other problems - I think I read that there are some typical problems with battery contacts and broken solder points which can also lead to this error message on the Archoses (hope I remember correctly). The fact that it works if you apply some physical pressure (holding the [-] button while plugging the charger) seems to support this theory. Try searching the wiki and the forums some more, maybe you could also ask in IRC because the better Rockbox on Archos experts don't follow the forums so closely (but be prepared that they aren't always around and able to answer immediately there too).

P.S.: The English word "taste" means something entirely different from the German "Taste". :)

thank you pixelma for your friendly answer

....well, i also think button or key is better  ;D

btw, its not realy easy to write in english for an old german boy.

O.k, i will try in ICR the next time - but my Players are alle very well soldered,
because im working by the Producer of the Chips MASF / DACA from Archos Player and Recorders inside... ::) - in face of my terrible language ability, lol

I've got a notion that i make a little failure by flashing  current rockbox. works fine for me. (with bootbox to flash and no error)

I will post here the answer to this problem...hope so

Freundliche Grüße

Well here is it:

...and in the end i'm watch the Video of Rockbox DevCon 2008 - ther's a lot of work  
in the first 10-15 min it was topic at the beginning of this video (comb. with usb)
...Say it with flowers.   :-*

mod3 on 24th July 08:
with current build r18117 AJB_Recorder works fine (also *wave record & play).
No panic_error.
Now we have the problem "only" on the AJB_Players.

Clean install on both AJB, with directory soop (Briggs Softworks) all deleted files purged.


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