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repeat muted section when pausing / resuming


Currently there is a good feature of a "soft" pause / resume where the volume is gradually reduced to zero and then gradually restored. 

Unfortunately a couple of seconds is "lost" because it is too quiet to hear.  Could the resume or un-pause automatically back track to a second or two before the track was paused? 

I like this ides, especially for audiobooks.

I'm guessing this could probably be implemented by tying into or re-using the existing code for the ipod-only feature of Pause on Headphone Unplug:

--- Quote from: ---Pause on Headphone Unplug
Enables and disables automatic pausing of playback when the headphones are disconnected from the player’s headphone socket.
Pauses the player when the headphones are removed.
Pause and Resume.
Pauses when the headphones are removed, and resumes playback when they are reconnected.
Duration to Rewind
Number of seconds (between 0 and 15) to rewind playback when the headphones are removed.

--- End quote ---

Yes, the rewind-on-headphones-unplug should become rewind-on-resume.



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