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A habit of turning up the volume in response to background noise is the quickest recipe for hearing loss through DAP usage I can think of.

The proper solution is either to give your ears a rest when in noisy environments or invest in noise isolating or canceling headphones.

As for loud track or loud peak detection, this is impossible.  There are many factors involved in the amount of energy which reaches your eardrum, and many of them (including headphone choice, headphone fit, and ear shape) are out of the control sphere of the DAP itself.

I was thinking about noise cancelling earplugs anyway. 

The tracks that I am interested in are spoken voice files that I listen to once and delete, so prepossessing them would be tedious - and well beyond what my father could do. 

If it were known that some DAPs are louder than others, could just the quiet models be tweaked? 

<optimism mode>

Is volume compression possible?  Have you ever heard a cassette tape that has been recorded with dbx and played back without it?

That would keep the peak down to avoid hearing loss, but get the quiet voices over the noise floor. 

<end optimism> 

<outrageous optimism mode>

Could models with a microphone detect noisy environments and dynamically control the volume compression factor? 

<end outrageous optimism> 

Could the user just manually adjust the EQ to bring up frequencies that tend to be quieter, and save that config for later use on other voice files?
<end realism>

What about movies in the MPEG player? Most of my movies' soundtracks are at a ridiculously low volume, such that I can barely hear them - even in a quiet area - at my normal "music volume" (-30). In a car, they're impossible to hear even at +6.

My computer takes nearly a full day to process one movie, so going back to pump up the source volume is practically NOT an option anymore. :(

You can reencode movies while copying the video stream much, MUCH more quickly. As well, the equalizer works for them too.


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