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O.K.  It looks like using the equaliser is the way to go at the moment.  There is an extra 24dB available! 

Is bumping the gain evenly in all frequency ranges *exactly* the same as increasing the volume by the same amount?  Nearly as good?  Or only a rough approximation?  I am not an audiophile and I am not listening to classical music, so the likely answer is, "You won't be able to tell the difference.". 

If you are really serious about protecting the stupid from themselves (an impossible task) then it would be better to limit the combination of volume + equaliser, rather than limit each individually. 

It's not an issue of "protecting the stupid." The volume range is defined by the hardware. It already gets well louder than is often safe for the ears, but the amount provided is always the full volume range of the chip. Any additional loudness would have to be added digitally. Because of that it's exactly identical to what you'd get by increasing it with replaygain or a pre-amp.

I suggest using in-ear phones with a good fit, for better low frequency response and less 'attenuation' of the higher ends. maybe you already do? tuppence worth


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