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Studio 10 Wont Power Up, HELP!!!

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Ok, heres a good question for all the techs out there.  I have a studio 10, that i decided to take with me on a trip, and attempted to copy songs to it in a real hurry, and without thinking (untill after i hit the power switch) i put 9VDC correct polirity INTO THE BATTERY TERMINALS, NO BATTERYS!!  I know, "you idiot"....   But anyway, after kicking myself i realized the smps controller (dc - dc converter chip) cooked. I replaced it with a MC34063ACD from mouser, but no good.  This thing still wont power up.  Any ideas about where i should look next  I dont exactly
have a schematic for this thing.

There is a chip called IRF4716, located somewhere near the keypad, I melted it once because of a short circuit.

Thanks for the reply.

That would be the IRF7416 MOSFET.
After sending the first message i looked at that IC as a possibility as that is a main power supply IC.

I will change it and let everyone know as to the result.

Thanks again

I changed BOTH IRF7416 MOSFET's im my studio, and still nothing.....

Anyone have any ideas???

Better yet, anyone have a schematic of atleast the power supply for this thing.


Unfortunately, the schematics of the player are not complete.

Look for signs of heat on the components. I have no better idea.


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