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iTunes-like for Archos


Hey there,

Sorry in advance if it's not the good place for posting such request, but I spend much time into looking for the killer software that may help me to manage my mp3 library, with no great success...

I have a Jukebox Recorder 15 (with a 80 Go HD) and searching on a kind of iTunes, in the way that :
 - it will keep tidy ID3 tag on MP3 files
 - it will organize MP3 into Artists, and Album, etc..
 - it can deal with transfer and update between my computer and my Jukebox.

If you know such a software, or i you have the solution to my problem, just don't hesitate !!!


A fantastic suite of programs for your audio collection.

You'll need dbPoweramp Music Player, which includes My Music Collection. That let's you sort you music by MP3 tags. This is free.

You'll then need Sveta Portable Audio (also from dbPoweramp), which let's you send music to your player. It can copy it directly, or rip it to different formats (or different compression rates) directly to your player without changing the originals on the computer. Costs US$24 ($30 if you want to rip to MP3s plus some extra features).

dbPoweramp Music Converter (free, but you'll need to buy a licence to rip to MP3) and CD Writer ($18) round out the suite. Awesome collection.
Well worth every penny I spent on it.

Great !!! Many Thanks for the answer...

If other people have others proposals, feel free  ;)


You must give MediaCenter a try !
An all in one Software with a high performance database and the best user interface i've ever seen:

The Forum is very vital:



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