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JB Recorder 20 analog output broken


Hello everybody,

yesterday one of my cats fell on the cable of my recorder and managed to throw it roughly about 3 to 4 feet through the air. It "landed" hard on the ground, but fortunately not on the plugged in connector. After this the harddrive seemed to be dead (according to the noise coming from it), and my recorder also showed up some kind of HD-error. After removing the batteries, waiting a few minutes and powering the device on again, everthing worked fine, the harddisk is working again and I was able to play music.
But today I wanted to use my recorder and had to realize, that the analog output seems to be broken. All I can hear is some kid of high frequency "chirping", I can literally hear the harddrive (I guess). I can hear it spinning up, spinning down and I can also hear the head moving (via the earphones, of course), but no music at all :(
Because the digital output is working fine, and regarding the cause of the breakdown, I assumed some kind of loose connection inside the device, therefore I opened it to take a look:

The upper board (which holds the display) lost 6 from its 8 solder points (with which it is soldered to the "case"), but I wasn't able to locate any other defect. I resoldered the faulty connections and changed the harddrive (just in case). The problem still exists :(

Everything is working fine, but the analog output only produces a high frequent noise which is closely related to what the harddrive currently does.

Does anybody know where to look for solving this?


Hi. I dont know if this is helpful to your specific problem, but perhaps only the output jack is damaged. You might test this by seeing if sound comes out of any posts if you rig jumpers from a monaural earphone to 2 posts at a time while playing jbr. Mine was damaged in that middle contact had been pushed down too far to reach middle post of stereo earphone, and i had to make opposite bend to stretch it back out.


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