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H320/340 Car compatible custom bootloader build. (Update: Added cradle support)

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--- Quote from: massiveH on July 16, 2008, 06:54:44 PM ---I have now worked a bit more on this for folks that use USB and power cradles.  This new version will boot normally into rockbox if the power plug and/or the usb cable is inserted.  The bootloader will use "USB Bootloader" if you hold the A-B (Mode) button (bottom right) on the player or the remote.  Also, even if the HOLD switch is enabled, the unit will still boot into rockbox, but this should be the desired result when hooking it up to a power source.

--- End quote ---
If this does what I understand it to are a bloody genius!! :D

I'm using my H340 as part of a CarPC setup (mainly as just an external HDD) and it's a pain in the ass having to turn the player on and wait for it to boot Rockbox before the ignition.  Otherwise, when the computer boots, the H300 immediately just goes to the USB bootloader screen.  Since I don't have the DC power plugged in as well, this ultimately drains the battery.

Seeing as all my music is on the H340 (the carPC itself only has a 40GB drive which I leave for videos + games), if Windows boots without the Iriver connected it chucks a hissy fit :(

Hopefully this solves my problem  :D
I'll post again if it works.

Yep ViperKnight, this will solve your problem, just make sure USB Charging is enabled in rockbox's options.


Booting using the charger works.  But for some reason the bootloader won't go past the Voltage reading when booting with USB.  Any ideas?

Did you use the second one I posted?

Pretty sure I used the second link.

However, now my h340 refuses to get past the voltage reading with a normal start (just hitting play, no cables).

Hopefully my HDD isn't starting to die.  Might have something to do with the cold weather though.


Righto, managed to get it into rockbox by booting it holding A-B as well (no cable though).
Then reflashed with the second link just incase and it seems to work now  ;D

Hopefully it stays working.  I'm guessing it was getting stuck in a loop or something previously as the hard drive would spin up and keep spinning constantly but didn't boot.

EDIT 2 (29/7):
Seems to be doing it again.  But:

I think I've narrowed the problem down.  The USB boot works fine except when the player has been shutdown by the "Idle Power-Off" timer.  After Idle Power-Off it just keeps freezing at the Voltage display regardless if I start it by plugging in the charger, USB cable or just normal power-on.

To fix it, I booted into the original firmware, plugged the USB in to connect it to the computer, then unplugged it and turned it off.  From then the USB booting works fine again.  I might download the code and have a look.

EDIT 3: seems to be a problem with the Idle Power-Off setting.  Maybe it's just my iriver doing it.  I'm getting the most current Rockbox build just incase it was fixed.


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