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H320/340 Car compatible custom bootloader build. (Update: Added cradle support)

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EDIT: Please see post 15 for updated bootloader file and changes.
EDIT2: Patch Submitted

I use my H340 in the car alot.  However, the firmware on the bootloader page is very outdated, and does not like being turned on by being plugged in.  It appears that I have to press the play button on the player to make it boot past the "bootloader charging" screen.  This got annoying, I downloaded the source, and commented out that code that halts the bootloader on the charging screen when a charger is present.  I have built this bootloader into the 1.31K H320/H340 official firmware and bootloader cvs r17713m-080611.  I want my music to resume as soon as the car started, and this does that.  This build works perfectly for me, but usual disclaimer, if it messes up your player, it's not my fault.

Again, this bootloader is A) Updated and B) does not stop on the charging screen when plugging in a charger, it simply boots as normal and C) NOT THE OFFICIAL BOOTLOADER.

Linky Linky

h300.hex with mod MD5: c4c8e80a5cc89c80aa306060118fb519

Anyone finding this useful? Am I the only one that uses the firmware this way/likes it this way? Feedback please?


I just joined the forum to reply to you.  :D

Thanks for doing this, and I'll be giving it a try soon.  I don't have a car, but I'm annoyed at the screen when I sit the H340 in my dock.  I'd like the backlight to go out -- plus the device goes into charging mode when it's plugged in.

Am I mistaken in thinking that the drive will also show up as normal on my desktop?


m a r

I didn't touch any of the "USB Bootloader" code, so I'm pretty sure it still enters "USB Bootloader" mode.  I only removed the code that stops it from entering Bootloader charging.  If your cradle only has power, it will boot normally and not hang up on the USB mode.  If you want, I could remove the USB part too.

I MUST warn you though, if the Bootloader's USB code is removed, your player WILL NOT boot if the harddrive is bad, that is the whole point of the bootloader's USB mode.  This problem of not actually showing up as a disk has been resolved though, so try the one I've already compiled, and see if it shows up. 

I guess a possibility that can be done is make the player enter USB Bootloader mode if the user holds down a button, or boot into rockbox like normal if no button is held down.  I'm not exactly sure the ramifications of this, but I know something like this is done to enter the stock firmware.  Anyone have input?

I have now worked a bit more on this for folks that use USB and power cradles.  This new version will boot normally into rockbox if the power plug and/or the usb cable is inserted.  The bootloader will use "USB Bootloader" if you hold the A-B (Mode) button (bottom right) on the player or the remote.  Also, even if the HOLD switch is enabled, the unit will still boot into rockbox, but this should be the desired result when hooking it up to a power source.


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