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"Tagged" EQ PreSets - Possible?

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Old Schooler:
I am quite new to this and have only barely tried modifying WPS settings so I don't know if this is possible to do or not.
Anyway I, like most I am sure, have several different types of music on my player(s) and listen to them in different environments as well and I am frequently calling various EQ presets I have stored or elsewise changing tone settings.
Is there a way to "Tag", for lack of a better term, an EQ Preset to be called up when a given type of music is played?
Or, better yet, can an EQ preset cfg file be stored in a particular folder or directory with the desired settings for the music in that folder and maybe be accessed through an addition to the "Context Menu" or be caused to run simply when that folder or directory is accessed?
I imagine it would involve a lot of initial work to make and store a desired eq cfg file each folder or directory so is it possible even to have some type of "exe"(?) file when a given directory is accessed to call up an eq preset from their present location?
If it could be done without the need to navigate to it, it would be a very handy item indeed.
Thanks for listening,
Old Schooler


Also, EQ is generally used to compensate for hardware, so changing it based on music files would be quite odd.  If you need to do this, you probably have not chosen very good EQ settings.

Old Schooler:
Well actually, some of the music I have suffers from inexperienced recording and "over use of enhancements" when it was transferred from LP to MP3.
Anyway, guess that ends that idea.

If you want to use EQ settings to adjust how the poorly recorded songs sound, why wouldn't you just fix them in an audio editing application on your computer?  Then you wouldn't need to adjust the EQ settings all the time for every song.

do you realise how long that is to do?
to edit each file.


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