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I need to find a recorder for a school project.  The recorder needs to have mic input .

Question 1: Reading the Rockbox docs, it appears that the Jukebox Recorder 10, Recorder 20, and V2 have microphone inputs.  Do any other Rockbox-compatible models have mic input?

I need to record on a timer.  That is, record for five minutes,
wait 55 minutes, record a second file of 5 minutes, and so on.  I don't think this is a feature of Rockbox today.

Question 2:  Do any machines with Rockbox ports have a real time clock that could be polled to control the recording process?


i believe the "archos jukebox recorder" models have an RTC built in.

well, every of the main controller circuits in those players has a timer functionality.

I do not know if they are all being used, but technically its not hard to set up a 1st-level, 2nd level interrupt service routine, that does exactly what you want.


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