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Well, I found out that I could use Winamp to create mp3s directly from midi files.

This is will work out, even though it is really slow.   :'(

Do any of you know what is the equivalent  mp3 kb/sec for a midi file?

For example is a midi file equivalent to a 32kbps ABR, stereo mp3 file?


I think the quality that MIDI produces depends upon the quality of your patchset.  MIDI is not an encoded waveform like mp3 or ogg.  It's a sequence of instructions for synthesizing a piece of music.  The actual music (waveform) that gets produced depends upon the particular patches that you use to play the music.

So, I don't think you can make a direct comparison like that.  You will probably have to play around with it and see what sounds good to you.

I will try out MIDI playback on my e280 shortly.  I have not had any issues on my Gigabeat, but have yet to try it with my Sansa.
No problems on my e280.

Thanks Chronon,

As of now, I am converting all my midi files using winamp into mp3 files with a bit rate of 112kbps.  A one minute midi file turns out to be roughly 1MB.

Good luck trying to get midi files to work.


Another Sansa user is having problems (though different from yours, it seems) with MIDI here:


--- Quote from: jbullfrog on April 23, 2008, 09:11:46 AM ---Now when I try it out, I get the following message
"Loading instrucments
Loading drums
Okay, starting sequencing"
--- End quote ---

That is correct, it should start playing. Are you sure it's not just the volume turned down or something silly?


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