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How do I get midis to work on my sansa e250?  I tried looking at this page,  but whatever I tried did not seem to work. 

Here is what I did.

I downloaded the patchset.tbz2 file, and extracted patchset.rar.  I then extracted patchset.rar, and got the folder patchset.  I opened patchset, and placed all the .pat files into my rockbox folder on my sansa.

I then put some midis into a folder called "Midis" in my "MUSIC" folder on my sansa.  I navigated to the Midis folder using rockbox and selected one of the midi files.

I got an error saying "No Midi patchset found.  Please install the instrument"
Can anyone please help?   


Another thing:
I know how to convert my midis to wav files, but is it possible to reduce the size of the wav file that is outputed?  Each midi file I convert goes from a couple of KB to MB!

That link is from August 2005!

Here's the proper link to that page:

Not sure how much has changed in the MIDI section, though...

First of all, you need to put the patchset files into a folder called "patchset" in the .rockbox folder.  The midi player plugin searches for that folder for the patchset so it can play the midis.

Second, .wav files typically will be quite large because they're uncompressed PCM data.  You will probably want to convert them to .mp3 or .ogg format with audio editing software, I would think something like a 128 KB/s .mp3 file would preserve the audio quality decently enough and shrink the size of the file by quite a significant amount.

Now when I try it out, I get the following message

"Loading instrucments
Loading drums
Okay, starting sequencing"

However, I don't hear anything.

I think I might give up on this...

I am currently using Winamp to convert my midis to wav files, but this takes forever!

I have searched for a good midi to mp3 converter but have found nothing!  (Freeware)

Can anybody help?  Thanks again

Have you tried Audacity?

EDIT: iTunes has the ability to import MIDI files and convert them to MP3s, but these will only sound as good as the MIDI system on your computer. Plus, you also have to know where the resulting files are going to end up on your system, so that you can retrieve them.


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