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My on button seems to be depressed down, so that it is now lower than the other buttons, to use it i have to press really hard on it.  is their a way to fix it?

I had this problem also.  A small plastic rocker arm between the button, and the circuit board switch for that button is broken.

Mike at can fix this for you, or even send you the part, if you want to do surgery yourself.  Mike fixed mine.  He's very fast, and fairly-priced.

The arm falls into place without glue, soldering, etc.  If you 've already opened your box before, this will be easy for you to repair yourself.

JUst curious how much did it cost you because i am getting a new mp3 player in less than 2 weeks or so.

I cannot tell you directly, because I had other work done, also.  Mike answers his e-mail at quickly, though, if you want to ask.


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