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I know in the past there has been some discussion and requests about trying to save certain settings with specific playlists... e.g. one playlist should always be shuffled, one with crossfade etc.

A relatively simple method of achieving this has just occurred to me; when a playlist is loaded (playlist.m3u) rockbox could check to see if there is a matching config file (playlist.cfg) and if there is apply that before loading the playlist.

Then by creating a cfg file with just the settings you want changed in it you could achieve virtually any changes you need.

Can anyone spot any problems with that idea?

Or possibly the other way around: the cfg file could specify a playlist or song to play...

I see what you're saying, but IMHO that subtly changes what a config file is and it seems more natural to start a playlist by selecting a playlist file

What about adding the "config" settings directly into the playlist file as comments? As I recall, the m3u format allows comments on lines that start with a # and other players would ignore the unknown comments while Rockbox would recognize, understand, and maintain them.

Why not add the config file to the start of the playlist as with an audio file.
Then when you play the playlist rockbox would "play" the config file changing the required settings.
This way you could have multiple config files in different positions of the playlist. It would have problems if one config turned on shuffle only to randomly play another config that turned it off.


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