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Required Voltage for AJB Recorder V2


The supply voltage for an Archos Jukebox Recorder V2 should be 6 V (?)

The power adapter that came with my device is tagged "INPUT: 230V 50Hz, Output 6.0V 700mA". However the measured output voltage is 9.2 V (on input 240V).

- Will my Jukebox stand this in the long run?

- Can anybody measure the output voltage of the power adapter of an AJB Recorder V2 and tell me how high it is?

my adaptor too says 6.0v - 700mA

however, i measured the voltage with a digital multimeter - reads 9.15v  ???

presumably this is the right voltage needed to run and charge the jukebox?

anyone verify this as the correct running voltage to run the jukebox?

This is because the adapter isn't regulated. The voltage will drop when you apply a load on it, i.e connect it to the jukebox. It's normal.


 :) Thanks a lot for your reply. So, I don't need to worry...
Best regards,


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