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Save failed no partition?


What the heck? I just keep having problems installing Rockbox. I finally got it to unzip onto my JBRFM (thanks, Linus!), but now it won't play anything, just gives me:

Save Failed

No partition?

I  don't get it. This should be sooo simple. The directions are easy to follow. Does anyone know what I can do to get Rockbox to work? I am trying to do this on my G5 Mac, running OS 10.3. Please help! I would love to use this wonderful software I keep hearing about!

Hi Heather,

your problem seems to be related to a very special format of your JBFMR hard disk.
Did you reformat that hard disk via Mac?
If so, and there is no option to format into plain Windows/DOS FAT32, you better ask a friend with a Windows-PC to reformat the disk on your JBFMR into FAT32. Then you have to reinstall the rockbox package again and hopefully this time it works fine.


Yes, I did reformat a while ago. I had been having lots of problems with it, so I thought I'd start fresh.
Thanks! I'll reformat & try Rockbox again!

A PC hunting I shall go!


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