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JBR discharge fast while USB & Power are pluged


When i use my JBR20 on USB, the batteries goes unusual fast down. The power supply is connected too! - certanly
When i use my JBR "on the road" just from batteries, it works fine up to 15 hours (2050mAh).

Well, the problem is, while the JBR are on USB connected (the display shows the plug-symbol and charging anim) - bud the power supply looks like not working.

The powersupply i've tested:
14V alone running
10V connected on JBR and charging
14V when USB connect - "while charging" - :o - not! >:(

After a "full" discharge while running on USB, the rockbox doesnt want charge from self (~4.1V on the batteries). bevor i must pre-charge it with arcos alogorythm?!?!

Cracy situation - can someone help me! i dint know what is to do (or can do?)

Thanks many times for your ideas or answers (be better)

(sorry my english - i try just my best)

It normal with jbr, USB + HD drain more power than the power supply can give :(
It is a known hardware limitation... The V2 can charge battery with usb power, but it even not enought...
So don't worry, it is normal, I guess :)
Linux work better with it and ( I don't know why ) drain less battery than winXP...


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