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Can someone please compile the win32 recorder simulator for the new version of rockbox (2.5). 8)
I am running windows and sadly dont really understand linux. and I cant compile the simulator with nmake or VS6. :P
I have an out of date vesion of uisw32.exe that someone uploaded at the past.
Its will be much easier to create new .wps with a working sim. ;D

Thank you for helping,

I sympathise with your situation however this sounds like a great opportunity to learn something new.

To learn how to compile the simulator in Linux, you can download a Knoppix LiveCD here:

With a LiveCD you do not have to remove Windows or even install Linux to your hard disk - just put in the CD and reboot.

Of course if you are in a hurry and/or unwilling to try new things, then this won't make you very happy.

And there's also the plain cygwin way which most Rockbox-devs on Windows already use.

I've written a guide to compiling the simulator in windows with cygwin, which can be found at the bottom of the simple guide to compiling. :D

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