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clicking play on file plays bookmark or nothing


After upgrading to 2.3 on my V2 Recorder, when I navigate into a folder and click "Play" to play an MP3 file, it will only play a bookmark (or playlist maybe?) and not the actual MP3 file I clicked on.  The same behavior happens in 2.3 on an old JB 6000 I have.  If there are no bookmarks in the folder, it just says "End of list" and refuses to play.

I can't find any settings that would appear to control this behavior.

After some further experimentation, I see that if "Load Last Bookmark" is set to "yes", then it will play from the bookmarked position in a folder regardless of whether you're pointing to the bookmark or not in the file browser.

I had thought this setting was intended to start playing at the last bookmark on power-up, but I see that it's more than that.  Is what I'm describing the intended behavior?

Yes, that's the intended behaviour.


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