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Dead DC power jack



I recently got a used Archos FM Recorder with a dead DC power jack.
Has anybody an idea how to repair this?


Is the jack itself broken? Or is there a cold solder joint, like somebody reported?


Hi Jörg,

I think there are two major problems with my FM Recorder.

1. The physical connection between the DC-Jack and the plugin adapter seems to be really bad.

2. Additionally the PCB below the display has completely lost its connection to the shielding. Looks like it has not been desoldered but simply forced off. I hope after resoldering it will work again.

Still I don't know, how to disassamble the box -especially the cover- in a convenient way. The hints on "Disassembling the Archos" are only partly helpful. :-\



I had no success, with resoldering the chassis to the PCB.

The power supply feeds ~20mA into the board, independently of the battery status.

So I think, I have to bypass the power jack and directly feed the batteries with
manual charging control.

Does anybody know, wether 100mA constant current for 12h is ok for the Lithium
batteries, while they are still inserted?

Thanks in advance


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