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Seeking Profesional help.

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Road Runner:
I'm really trying to figure out how to get around in rockbox, but the documentation only gets you somewhere in compiling and patching up files in rockbox.

I've been learning C for a while from a book, but rockbox code is a whole different story, it's much more complex and packed up.

I'd like you to advise me on how should I carry on from here, This may sound a bit funny, but I even can't be more precise on what's the problem. It's just that I'm having difficulties in everything I do.

I've tried compiling pong.c to .rock file after making a really small change, but I couldn't go through the right commands to compile  :(
then i've tried croping the makefile everything that wasn't nececcery but it didn't really worked.

I'm using DEV-CPP as an editor, it looks good but i'm not sure if that's a preferred tool or not.

I don't feel like I can start making real changes in the code, maybe it is due to not knowing the firmware, the functions and the macros. would you suggest me going through the code? on which parts would it be important to go through and what is so lower-level that I don't have anything to deal with it corrently? (I'm only trying to alter the display and UI for now.)

Sorry for writing such a long letter, but this might be an indicator for a bigger problem: i've reached a point where I have no more manuals and texts to read, Feeling like no one really tries to help, only sometimes I get a respond for questions.(irc, newsgroup, forum...)

I do hope that this will be taken seriously, because I, Like many others, Am very excited about rockbox as a concept, And making _*great*_ deals of effort to catch up with you the digital flow. thanks.

Yeah, i wasnt too experienced with C and tried DEV-C, too...

Look in the iRiver H100 forum for that "easy guide to compiling rockbox" thing and follow the instuctions.  Its like a 10MB download and you get all the tools you need to compile and change the source code (except a text editor).  I think its called Rockbox DevKit

Its all done in Windows Command Promts, not really a gui.  But its easy to understand. Just make sure you follow the instructions.

I havent found any other compilers that will work with rockbox.

EDIT: Here's a link

Road Runner:
Thanks Travis, but really, have you seriously read my post?

I know how to compile & patch. I know a little about using the devkit & cygwin aswell, I know most of the stuff you can find in the documentation, I'm looking for a way to move on from that. to find out how and why was the code built like it is, To know where would I locate functions that are important to start manipulating the firmware, I've even mentioned I can't compile only a small part of the firmware (one .rock file), or one other time, that I've asked how should I recomile a file to an object file if that was the only thing I changed, or asking how can you debug your code if you can't even run it step by step. this questions of mine remain unanswered.

When you build rockbox, you would run ../tools/configure from your build-dir followed by make. If you make changes to a plugin for instance, make will notice that that file has been changed and will under normal circumstances only compile that one. Example: you make changes to plugin_file.c, when you then run make under build, you will notice that this is the only file that is compiled (i.e. if you have run make before the change took place).
But that was maybe not what you were asking for.

The best path is to figure out something you want to change - some itch to scratch. Then try the best you can to figure out how this part of the code works. In the end, come on IRC and ask someone who knows.

There's really not much documentation to read about the internal workins of Rockbox. Get your hands dirty and ask people.


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