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What direction is Rockbox heading?


This is merely som thoughts on Rockbox.
As Rockbox is all about features, and the possibilty to configure your Rockbox to use these features or not, I just got the feeling that Rockbox might be heading the emacs direction with, you know emacs like menus ( if you have used emacs, you know what I mean). Imho, I think that the features that are in rockbox is mostly good and usefull, and believe that future features also will have their place in the rockbox architecture. I do not know what other people think, but in my opinion, the menus have a potential of being improved (the main menu, that is). I am no GUI wizard, but I believe there are people using rockbox that are and have opinons on what is intuitive and what is not. For instance, a Playback-menu could consist of all that is related to playback, like sound, repeats and so on. Or why is display not under system?

As I said, just some thoughts. And for the record, I really do find rockbox the best firmware around.

edit: forgot to mention that this is iriver I am talking about, which of course isn't release material yet.

There is always room for improvement. I think you may be right in that the menu could be designed more intuitively.

Difficult to say. I've got used to it now and don;t foten have to dip into the settings menu anway as I have it all pre-configured and saved in configuraiton files, so can just load settings up.

Maybe you should create a new poll for this and see what the response is??

If the response is good, then it may well get changed.

Of course, someone then has to design the new menu or make it cofigurable somehow??

I wrote this becuase I got the feeling that the archos port had a little less potential for possible configuration options than the software codec based ports. In that context I guess the menu were good, but with all the new features and future features that these new platforms has opened up for I do believe the menus should be given some thought before a release.
I have no problem finding my way in the menus as they are now, but to lower the amount of answers to questions such as "where do I find option X" after a release a reorganization might be a good move.
For all I know, this might have been discussed before.

edit: ...which it has ;-)


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