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USB adapter message seen when connecting recorder V1


I am a blind user who purchased a 10Gb Archose recorder V1 that the owner had upgraded and used with a 160Gb hard drive. the player boots successfully into Rockbox when standing alone. when i connect it, however, to the computer, it gives me the message "USB storage adapter" and cannot find a driver. I have tried different usb ports, reseting the player to factory defaults and everything else short of the open-window toss :). Any suggestions, please?

Sounds like you may have an older Archos with a USB 1.1 connection. I have the solution.

Archos has a driver package available on their site for those older players; you can get it from here:

Download it and unzip it to a folder on your computer. When Windows asks for a driver, point it to the folder you unzipped to.


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