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Is the code freeze lifted?

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Noone "should of known" that.

We're just clarifying that there was no issue whether or not the freeze was lifted or not, to help understand the nature of the freeze.


--- Quote from: psycho_maniac on September 24, 2005, 12:11:25 AM ---yeah what he said. you should of known that. the min i saw 2.5 was realised i figrued it was over cuz it just is.

--- End quote ---

Although based on your apparent attitude I am loathed to give you any more of my time, I would like to ask you to re-read my original post please and see that I had actually assumed it was over, I just wanted to make sure in case for some reason things hadn't gone entirely to plan. Is it really such a bad thing to check?

Did you really have to reply? Why didn't you add something constructive to the discussion?

sorry bout that. i usually dont read 100% of the post some of the times because its really late at night. and mabey the night i read that i should of read that all.


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