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JB 6000: two questions about the plugins and the voice menu

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first I'd like to thank all the developers of Rockbox, it's so great what you make out of the JB 6000 ;D really thanks

But now my questions:

1. here are a lot of plugins mentioned and I would like to use them, but I can't find a link to download them! help?!?

2. the voice menu is working great on my JB6000, but I wonder if it's possible to cut of the file extentions like "breaking the habit.mp3"? how can I adjust the voice menu that it only tells me the titel of an mp3 file but without the mp3 extention?

I hope you can help.

Best regards

1) They are already in the .rockbox/rocks directory of your rockbox installation. You run them by selecting "Browse plugins"  in the menu. If they aren't there, they are not compatible with your type of player. Do you have a recorder or a player/studio?

2) I haven't used the voice feature myself, so i don't know the answer.



I've a Archos Jukebox Player 6000.

thanks, maybe someone else knows about the voice menu?!?


Are you using the voicebox script to generate the filenames? The script reads extensions, as I set it up to create mp3 clips for mp3, m3u, and cfg files, and wanted to be able to differentiate between them. It wouldn't be much trouble to have it skip extensions, however; that could be set up as an option in the config file. Let me know if that is something you'd like to have.

yes I use the script to create the voice files.
it would be great if you can tell me the "skip extensions" option :)
because on some musiv titel the "dot mp3" sounds very funny! ;D


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